Accept Your Differences

Colours – Rainbow or colour isolation?

White, yellow, brown, black. They are the different skin tones we have.
Brown, black, blonde, white etc. They are the different hair colours we have.
Blue, green, brown, black etc. They are the different eye colours we have.

These are the colours our bodies are made up of.

So why do we:
discriminate one another,
treat each other unfairly,
fight one another?

Just because we have different skin tones? Just because we are from different racial groups?
All because of these things we did not decide for ourselves, all of which were decided for us, by nature?

I have an accent?

We all have different mother-tongue languages, we all speak many different languages. We grow up hearing different languages and we all acquire an accent of our own. 

To a Singaporean, an American or even a Malaysian has an accent. However, to them, we too, have an accent.

We should not be discriminating others because of their accents as (to them) we have our own, too.

Don't like it? Too bad.

The different races and religions have their own traditions and practices which we may not understand and dislike but that is no excuse to insult them. 
Instead, we should get to understand why they carry out the certain practice and respect them by tolerating them. 
Have you ever thought that if you dislike certain practices they practice, chances are they dislike certain practices you practice. Do you hear them complaining about it? Do you hear them insult you because of that? 
Well, maybe you do but it takes one to take the first step to make peace. Apologise for any inconvenience caused and tolerate them and soon, they will stop complaining, insulting you. If you are the one insulting and complaining about them then maybe you should learn to have a bigger heart, they tolerated you so it's time you returned the favour.

One black sheep = ONE black sheep (wherever did common sense go?)

Something many people ought to understand is that: 
you may have met some people of the same race or religion who may have upset you but that does not mean that the certain race or religion upsets people. 

ISIS is a group labeled terrorists who go around bombing places and killing people for certain unknown reasons. They claim to do what they do because their religious God told them to. 
Due to the issue, many people are being mistreated due to the fact that they are from countries like Syrian or the fact that they are islamic. 

Never treat someone unfairly because of their race or religion because it is not the race which advocates the behaviour. It was not the bible or their racial leader who tell them to act the way they do. It was the person who was acting wrongly, not the race or religion so we should not be racist or discriminate a religion because some of those from their race or religion does something wrong.

 RACE & RELIGION does not determine ones personality, RACE & RELIGION are not responsible for the sins of a man, he himself is responsible for his own mistakes. 
If you do not fully understand, do not judge. If you do, EMPATHISE and tolerate them and not discriminate or judge them.  

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